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Joomla Extensions, components and plugins by JoomPlace

JoomPlace Joomla extensions, components, modules, software, plugins, addons: Benefit from powerful Joomla extensions, joomla components, joomla modules, joomla software, Joomla templates, joomla add-ons and plugins developed by JoomPlace. [Joomla extensions, joomla …read more Source:: Open Source Software

Get a college minor in open source

In this lightning talk presentation, Remy tells us about the first academic minor in open source software at Rochester Institute of Technology that has both a technical and non-technical track. The courses in this minor all use open source software in some way, shape, or form. Source: Tech

NSA releases open source tool for high-volume data flows

The National Security Agency released an open source software product that automates data flows among multiple computer networks, even when data formats and protocols differ. As the volume and rate of data grows and as the number of systems, protocols, and formats increase, so too does the complexity and need for greater data management insight…

Why open source runs the world

Let’s play a game: imagine the world with no open source software. Steve Ballmer invented a time machine, went back to 1953 and prevented the birth of Richard Stallman, the God Father of the “open source concept” and head of the Free Software Foundation. Source: Tech