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New project runs Arch Linux on Windows

By Serdar Yegulalp “Experimental” is a great adjective for Microsoft’s WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux). Besides being Microsoft’s attempt to lure Linux devs into making themselves comfortable in Windows, it also provides a …read more Source:: OpenSource

CommVault to Present at @CloudExpo New York | @CommVault [#Cloud]

As organizations shift toward IT-as-a-service models, the need for managing and protecting data residing across physical, virtual, and now cloud environments grows with it. CommVault can ensure protection &E-Discovery of your data – whether in a private cloud, a Service Provider delivered public cloud, or a hybrid cloud environment – across the heterogeneous enterprise. In…

Enterprise Advances Brought Linux Success in 2014

For Linux, 2014 could easily be labeled the year enterprise really and truly embraced Linux. It could just as easily be labeled the year that nearly forgot Linux on the desktop. If you weren’t Docker, containers, OpenStack, or big data ─ chances are the spotlight didn’t brighten your day much. If, however, you (or your…